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A Literary Magazine for the Artists of Pakistan
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Team Editors

Each and every book deserves to be scrutinised, reformed and polished into a masterpiece! Team Editors, skilled in the craft of writing, aspire to accentuate your literary masterpieces and aid you in the tiresome task of correcting the minute errors of grammar and punctuation.

Team Graphics

Graphics are a crucial factor in every organization. By elevating our standards and conveying the art of writing with perfect pixels to you, our Team Graphics doesn’t disappoint!

Team Social Media

They work tirelessly to provide you with the best content and aspires to influence you with their innovative ideas regarding the latest writing trends!

Team Developers

Our developers are working on building the website to make it accessible for writers to publish their books and keep track of the progress.



WriterTalks is an online literary agency, facilitating the writers to publish their books.


At WriterTalks, we work with our writers every step of the way on their literary journey, helping to bring out the most from their work. From an idea and rough draft to editing and publication, WriterTalks helps our authors produce high quality, interesting and entertaining books.

We believe that every author has a story to tell and that every story deserves to be told.


Editorial and Proofreading

Turn good writing into a great book by
polishing your grammar and punctuation.


Print digital and best quality hard copies
at the lowest rates.

Cover Designing

Get in touch with our graphic artists
to get a personalized book cover.

Marketing and Promotion

Get your book the worldwide exposure
it deserves and earn maximum royalties.



“The biggest compliment I can give any writer is that they trust us to make their work outshine. My dream is to help aspiring writers of Pakistan to build their presence in the literary community. And to ensure that they reach their goals, it is my priority to make their books recognized.”

Muniza Imran

Founder & CEO “WriterTalks”



What is WriterTalks?

WriterTalks is a literary agency and a publishing platform for Pakistani writers offering the services of editing, book cover designing, marketing and printing.

What services do WriterTalks provide?

WriterTalks provides editing & proofreading, book cover designing, marketing, promotion and publishing of books and manuscripts.

How much does it cost to publish with WriterTalks?

The cost of publishing depends on a lot of different factors, like the type of publishing and number of copies. WriterTalks’ service charges are also included. You can contact us for queries and an exact quote.

How much time does it take to publish a book?

It usually takes about 1-2 months for the whole publishing process to complete; from sending your manuscripts to getting a copy in your hand.

Can I get my manuscript published through WriterTalks?

Yes! You can send us your manuscripts for publications. We offer all types of online and offline publications.

How to publish through WriterTalks?

To publish through WriterTalks, you have to contact us through and send us your manuscripts. Our literary agent will get in contact with you within three business days and guide you through the whole publishing process and packages that you can avail.

How does WriterTalks market the book?

WriterTalks markets the book on its social media platforms & website. There is a cover reveal, an author introduction and excerpts. The author is also invited to a live chat with our audience!

Does WriterTalks provide royalties?

Yes, WriterTalks provides royalties to the author. The percentage of royalties depends on our different packages. One of the packages gives you the chance to earn 100% royalties.

Does WriterTalks provide ISBN?

Yes. All books published through WriterTalks have their unique ISBN.

Is my work safe with WriterTalks?

Yes, your work is safe with WriterTalks. All rights are reserved and revert back to the author. WriterTalks also legally back your work and provides assistance in all ways possible. We respect the writer’s intellectual property and do our best to keep their work safe.