A Literary Magazine for the Artists of Pakistan

Following the successful and abundant publication of several books of talented Pakistani Writers, WriterTalks has come up with something highly innovative and loved by readers – a magazine with literary goodness oozing from its pages!

Yes, you read it right! WriterTalks official Literary Magazine is here and we will include your work in the form of submissions! It is the dream of every aspiring writer to have their pieces published and acknowledged; we assure you the fulfillment of this vision!

The Magazine will comprise of a diversity of content – be it poetry, prose, short story, art work or some thrilling insight into WriterTalks itself.

Rules and Guidelines for Submissions

1. You should clearly fill in your details in the form provided and attach your work along with it.

2. The writers must be Pakistani Residents.

3. Submissions should be in the form of Microsoft Word files.

4. The pieces can be in both English and Urdu.

5. There is no specific genre assigned for short stories and poetry, be free with your words and ideas.

6. Plagiarized content will not be accepted, be original!

7. Submissions on political, sexual, and religious discrimination will not be accepted.

8. Before submitting, proofread your literary pieces to ensure coherence and accuracy on grammatical grounds.

9. There is no age limit.

10. Only one submission per writer will be approved.

11. Not every submission will be accepted and approved. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted via email for further details.