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Book Review: Confess


Author: Colleen Hoover
Genre: Young Adult Romance
Rating: 4/5

It is a beautiful and devastating story that will make you feel so much. Needless to say that this book was remarkable, like all other novels written by Colleen Hoover. There’s a lesson within the pages of this book; it is a story about finding hope when it seems like the hardest thing to find. This book is a contemporary romance novel but it’s also a heart-wrenching story of survival, courage, hope and unexpected odds.
It has everything we absolutely love from her. Colleen’s signature quirky-but-relatable characters, tons of realistic backstory, an exciting “current” story, and POV’s from both that totally worked for me. Why? ‘Cause in this case, what he’s thinking… what he’s keeping a secret, even from us, is HUGE, and so integral to the story. The biggest reveal of them all.

It is the kind of book that you are going to be thinking about even after a week of reading it and probably won’t be able to move onto to a next book because you are still re-reading your favourite parts.

I would recommend this book to the young adults who are really interested in young adult romance.

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