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Book Review: Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

Genre: Romance


The Fault in our Stars, scripted by American author John Green is a YA book which falls under the category of romance and spirituality, is a book that helps the readers understand more to a sixteen-year-old cancer patient’s life: it illustrates the surge of emotions, sensations, and events he/she encounters whilst battling cancer. To most people, a person diagnosed with cancer seems like an anomaly and Green brings about a change in perspective, that a cancer patient also has the right to live, to love, and to adjust in the society as an equal. This disease cannot take away one’s legacy, and this masterpiece portrays the beautiful transition from friendship to love – despite cancer. Readers learn that understanding and cherishing one another blossoms into such an intricate, serene bond – a bond of trust, a bond of love. A bond that remains invulnerable, even to death itself.

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