Book Review: The Giver

Published in 1993 by Lois Lowry, The Giver is a Young Adult novel which falls under the dystopian genre. Having a positively unique storyline, this book has been the recipient of several prestigious awards and praises from readers internationally. With over 10 million copies sold worldwide, The Giver is accredited as a course book in many schools and institutions.
The story is set in an initially utopian society which morphs into a dystopian one following the course of time. The protagonist is twelve-year-old Jonas, an adolescent who is extraordinarily distinct from his fellows. The community has been rid of the individual discord and the profoundness of human sentiment to establish a monotony within itself; it lacks any color, memory, climate, or terrain, all in an effort to preserve structure, order, and a true sense of equality beyond personal individuality. Jonas is chosen to be the successor of the former Receiver of Memory, the person who records all the recollections before this era of monotony and ‘Sameness’. As there may be instances where one must draw upon the insight gained from history to aid the community’s decision making. The story progresses as Jonas is shown to be struggling with the burden of all the new concepts introduced to him; the foreign ideologies and former systems.
Natalie Babbitt of The Washington Post states her praise:
“The Giver has things to say that cannot be said too often, and I hope there will be many, many young people who will be willing to listen.”