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Book Review: The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient


The story revolves around a famous painter, Alicia Berenson, she has the epitome of a perfect and elitist lifestyle; married to a fashion photographer, she resides in a luxurious house in London. Everything is seemingly perfect, life for her couldn’t be any more fulfilling. However, the tables turn drastically when she shoots her beloved husband five times in the face. Enter Theo Faber, a psychologist, he seeks to aid the forlorn painter, who is admitted in a mental health facility and refuses to utter a word. This thrilling tale comprises of a plethora of mysterious characters with suspicious profiles and at every turn, there is an interesting twist. Apart from providing the reader with significant insight regarding mental health, Michaelides includes vital references about the lasting damages of trauma, abandonment and verbal abuse. He weaves a web of mystery for his readers to unravel and explore, and it is a tale so intriguing, that it gets one hooked to the story!

By Hadia

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