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“Coinciding with the Conscience” by Abeera Rauf Mukati

Coinciding with the Conscience is an inspirational book that depicts the journey starting from the life’s shackles and all the scattered emotions that are finally acknowledged through self-realizations, leading the road towards the Life of Contentment.
This book is divided into three parts and each part shows the bravery of the ones who suffer and sometimes feel lost. It is about turning the pain into art.
The book Coinciding with the Conscience is a combination of poetry and prose narrating the experiences and having a poetic touch to all the life happenings. This book will take you on a journey towards self-fulfillment and can be a great companion to all those who have the courage to become the light for others.

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“Stars in the Night Sky” by Musfirah Riaz

Stars in the Night Sky is Musfirah Riaz’s first published poetry book. Through her poetry, Musfirah talks about the journey of moving and accepting challenges in life, which eventually leads to finding the light in the dark.