Publishing Process

WriterTalks is an emerging publishing agency catering to the needs of Pakistani writers. Much of Pakistan’s literature is undocumented and underappreciated. WriterTalks aims to change that. Indigenous writers shouldn’t have to bend their voices to foreign publishing house’s narratives and get a chance to tell their stories without a filter. 

WriterTalks is one of the leading publishers for Pakistan’s English Literature. Writers can reach out to us for submitting their manuscripts. The publishing process at WriterTalks is not complicated at all, as it is illustrated through the following points:


Contact Us    

You can reach us at to pitch your manuscripts and details about your book. You can also drop any questions or reservations you might have about the publishing process.

Literary Agent

Upon selection of your manuscript, our literary agent will get in contact with you. They will guide you through all the process of publication and also answer your questions and reservations. You will also receive weekly updates about the publishing process.

Editing & Proofreading

Your manuscript will be handed to our brilliant and talented editors who will help you polish your grammar and punctuation. They will edit any errors or mistakes in the text. They will catch you from falling over the edge.

Cover Design

In addition to that, your book will get a personalized book cover. Graphic Designers at WriterTalks will make sure that the cover is well suited to the book, not to mention aesthetic and catchy.


After your manuscript is edited, formatted and covered; it will be sent for publishing. You can either have hard copies (paperback or hardcover) and soft copies. WriterTalks will ensure that the process from selection to publication is as smooth and as cooperative as possible.

Marketing & Promotion

WriterTalks will promote your books on all forums and will ensure that your book gets all the attention it deserves. Let the world know that your dreams are coming true!

Sales & Royalties

Your now published book will be put up for sale at the WriterTalks’ website and social platforms, and you will earn maximum royalties per sale.

It is WriterTalks greatest honour that writers trust us with their life’s stories—their work, blood, sweat and tears. We respect their talent and work and do our best to help them achieve their dream of getting published.