Sleep Paralysis

With Lethargy, restless, drowsy step
I through my stuffs, remove my cap
Moving towards my loving bed
To settle myself for a short nap

Accelerando music of anklet string
Someone's heart delightfully sings
Makes me awake in the mid of dark night
On the spur of moment, showering rainy wind

I started to follow the chanting sound
With the lantern on hand, I came to ground
The colossal house with bosk on it's way
No visibility, there was a dark all around

Suddenly I felt someone's standing aside
Not letting me go, gripping me tight
I wanted to run off from there promptly
But it seems that my body freezes like ice

I murmured deeply and shout aloud
My hands were wavering, my body shakes out
The eyes can see, but I am lacking to move
The body jerk of this terrible situation to let me out.

Naba Mujtaba