The Silent Survivor

Look at that orange sky,

Seems like a catastrophe

Becoming the victim to some dreadful wild fantasy,

Making the whole society disturbed by the tragedy

The nonhuman of the society,

Burnt away smile of a beautiful lilyThe flower was made vulnerable,

To the contagious plague, disease, and affliction

Woke up to the miseries and troubles,

Her life full of unjust hurdles

The society splashed the puddles on the whiteness of her dress,

The cold-blooded won another case.

And the inhuman ravager roamed freely,

Looking to grope another prey and cause agony

The bird trapped in a cage,

And one more life ravaged

She was crying out so loud,

That it even burst the clouds.

The rivers flowing of her eyes

Shivering in her dim voice

The soul that once wore the confidence,

It is now veiled with fear and angst.

Holding sacks of doubts and pains,

Even the umbrella couldn’t cover her from the thundering rains.

All the misery that she tried to hide,

The scream could be heard from inside.

In the bright daylight or the gloomy night

No human was safe from the red-eyed monster’s sight

The evil that the monster brought

Could only be tamed if it was caught.

Waiting for justice to prevail,

So the anguish could be exhaled.

To watch the sun rising with the peaceful air,

To start a new life under a blue sky free of fear.

– Usamah Taufique

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  1. Musfirah Riaz

    I love this. This is so beautiful ❤️?

  2. Muniza Imran

    beautifully penned.

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